About Us


Good health comes with other benchmarks for success, rather than just inches and kilos.

Our definition of good health comprises of :

  • High Energy : Having sustained energy to fuel me through my workouts all the way to the end of my work day.
  • Great Immunity : Having little to no illness or sickness, like flu or colds.
  • Happy!: Feeling comfortable and happy in my clothes.
  • Active & Positive : Feeling motivated, energetic and happy to be alive.
  • Being Real! : Embracing the cravings while sustaining a healthy lifestyle

Eating healthy as easy as it gets! It begins with describing what health means to you. Then - it needs to be sustainable. Quick fixes are short cuts and thats out of our beliefs. You want lifelong habits, so start small and build upwards. Lastly, let is be flexible, let it flow. Healthy eating is an evolving process and we promise to take you through the journey feeling significantly fresher, lighter and happier.

We believe you are what you eat. So let’s not be cheap, easy or fake. We are more than pleased to take all the meal prep trouble away from sourcing the right ingredients, tastefully curating special menus, carefully measuring up your meals and having them delivered straight to your doorstep!

We combine nutrition science and culinary excellence to whip up dishes that are tasty, and give your body and mind the nutrients required to fuel you well for the day. Our calorie counted, nutritious, balanced meals tailored to meet specific goals caters to everybody who eats. Our food is fresh every day from markets, farms and trusted local suppliers. Fruits and vegetables are chosen for seasonal perfection, our seafood is top quality and all meat and chicken is hormone free. There are no preservatives, additives or genetically modified produce. Just fresh, natural ingredients. We are a community of people making healthy choices, spreading the word of health and happiness and encourage you to, too. Healthy is happy!