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Ever wondered what the super formula to your health is? 

Personalised to your lifestyle, work and workout regimes, sleep cycles, stress levels we can put a plan together to give you the formula to that magic potion for you to reach your pink of health! 

We give you carefully selected lists of foods, recipes and meal options to choose and avoid according to your personal needs - be it fat loss, health correction, muscle gain or maintenance.

The plan works! Our science based guidelines speed up your metabolism, burn fat, fuel your lean muscle, and provide you the nutrients you need to glow!


What you get

  1. Suggested Calorie intake to meet your weight goal based on your diet preferences 
  2. Macro Breakdown (How much protein / carbohydrates / fats to consume for your goal)
  3. Meal options to eat for breakfast / lunch / dinner / mid snacks (that can be prepared at home or ordered from us)
  4. Eating out guide / Suggested workout plan
  5. Phone consultation and support
  6. Better health and abs if you follow the plan!


Why you should get the plan

  • It's personalised to help you understand your nutritional needs and what's best for your body whether you're vegetarian, beef eater or jain.
  • It's super easy to follow and execute - you don't need to be a chef to get this one right, our easy recipes and tips will sort you out
  • If you're on a budget and need help figuring out what to eat, this is the plan for you!
  • You want abs and you don't know how to get 'em! 
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