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Let’s identify what works for you!
We understand that we all have varied nutrition needs to help us achieve our goals and stay energetic through the day.
GOAL Short-term goal Sustained Goal Sustained Goal
WHAT'S YOUR PLAN? Weight Loss Weight Maintenance Weight Gain
FITNESS REGIME REQUIRED 3 times/ week - Lightly Active (eg.walk) 3 times/ week - Moderately Active (eg.swim, run, HIIT, moderate weight training) 5+ times/ week - Extremely Active (eg HIIT, weight training, crossfit)
RESULTS SEEN IN 15 days 25+ days 25+ days
NUTRITION BREAKDOWN Protein :20G, Fibre 20G, Good Fat :30G Protein :20G, Complex Carb: 70G, Good Fat: 10G Protein : 20G, Complex Carb : 100G, Good Fat:10G
CALORIES 350-400KCal 400-450KCal 550-600KCal
AIM Get Lean Tone it up Get ripped
BENEFITS Increase fat burn, Improved Digestion, Decreased Bloating, Better Skin Muscle Tone, Increases Metab, Sustained Weight Loss, Increased Energy Level Optimal Performance, Great Recovery, Improved Digestion, Increased Energy Levels
SIDE EFFECTS Initial drop in energy level due to calorie deficit Best plan to start with!
Initial changes in digestion pattern due to higher fibre consumption
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Snack Pack
Protein: 10g | Carbs: 70g | Fats: 10g | Total Calories: 150-250KCal
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