Office Lunches Made Easy!

Fit Dish provides calorie counted, nutritious, balanced meals tailored to meet specific goals apt for a working individual. Our food is fresh, wholesome and preservative free, just what is required to fuel for optimum performance during a hectic work day.

Check out our meal plans and exciting dishes that offers you a wide range of Low Carb, Zero Carb meals, Chia and Peanut Butter Toasties, Oat Protein Pancakes, Grills and Salads, meals that ensure you stay fit throughout the day and sail through the horrendous traffics, boring meetings - with exciting Corporate discounts to add value to your lunch and dinner. Because we care about your health!

We were at CoWrks all through July with a range of specially curated menus that covered all your needs including Salads, Appetizers, Main Course, Desert and juices too!

If you'd like to see us at your office, please fill in the form here.

Here's what our pop-up at Cowrks looked like: