Hustle your fears away

When I was a little girl, I was gifted a bicycle on my 5th birthday. Of course with a set of comfortable training wheels, devoid of the fear, it was fun. Only until I had my first major fall in my life – with the training wheels. It literally scarred me for life (the scar is on my right knee!) Traumatised, I refused to get back on the cycle until 20 years later.

My inability to do something most children have mastered made a great yet embarrasing conversation-starter. But now my tale of finally having tamed the wild, geared stallion will make an even better one.

I always wished to ride a bicycle through my years of growing up, only until this morning when I realised I didn’t wish hard enough. I convinced myself that It’s just a non-vital skill that most people have learned but others haven’t and settled with the spinning bike. In my defence, just because the minority is a particularly small one doesn’t make it a failure of character. Yet, I’ve had my moments of being ashamed of my inadequacy and I wanted to do something about it.

The planner that I have become didn’t interfere with my decision to learn how to cycle and approached the challenge without googling tips or even talking about it. My friend Apoorva decided to throw me in the deep telling me she’d document this for our #MondayMotivation social media post for Fit Dish Fetish. The pressure only built up. At 730 AM, Bangalore weather being cooler than us, we found a quiet lane that sloped well so that it would give me easy momentum to get started. I fastened my helmet with a dollop of confidence and told myself I’d master it. I got my grip on the handles, studied and tested the brakes and felt a tad secure knowing that there’s some saviour on call.


But of course, King Fear always believes he has the last word. With a series of negotiations with the King – footing the peddle, falling, footing it again, kicking the peddle, using the hand brake to stop, dropping my legs to stop, it was a grand battle. I tightened my core, got on top and tried again. My fear crippled and crushed me through my experience and all of which was self-inflicted. With the countless quotes on fear running through my head – I decided to Face Everything And Rise. The affirmation resonated in my head, I held a focus point. I finally managed to balance and chanced on the momentum and took off! I kept going and the feeling was unreal! The excitement of accomplishing my goal for the day and the incredible sensation to race through the lanes overwhelmed me! The rush of adrenalin, the air whooshing through my face, and the closest tangible feeling of experiencing freedom, I was liberated.

As a new-bee entrepreneur, it almost feels like the job comes pre-loaded with fear. Riding the cycle this morning mirrored a very similar feeling of what my journey in the last year has been like. I brake, caution myself and hold back letting the disease of fear take over before it’s the morning again – back up scheduling meetings with fear. Everything I want is on the other side of fear, for I have learnt and still learning that it’s about getting back up and facing it with all you have. I’ve discovered that I have a strong will that motivates me to keep going, and giving into the fear of failure, leaves me falling into the fear of being average, and that doesn’t cut it for me. While I find my way around it, I also wish to motivate you and tell you that, find what works for yourself, and don’t stop searching until you find it. I’ve learnt that the answers are all out there, waiting for you to go grab them. Just as riding a cycle, there are no instructions – it’s about getting on and hustling ahead. Whatever it is that you’re afraid of, go after it.

Strength and Health,
Esha Hegde
Founder, Fit Dish Fetish